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 * Second Meeting -- July (perhaps July 9--10 at Los Alamos National Labs)  * Second Meeting -- July (July 9--10 at Los Alamos National Labs)

CCC Visioning Study on Cross-Layer Reliability

This website will be the central information and discussion hub for Computing Community Consurtium (CCC) Visioning Study on cross-layer reliability: System-level, Cross-layer Cooperation to Achieve Predictable Systems from Unpredictable Components.

  • Study Proposal -- for now, this is most of the details on what the study is about and how it will be organized.

  • Organizers -- Organizers and core working group (steering committee)


An important goal of this study is to encourage discussion and develop community consensus on core research problems. The ideas developed in this wiki will provide guidance for research and priorities for funding. Please contribute to the following sections (either by developing new wiki pages or adding comments to existing pages). Your input is welcome and needed.


  • First Meeting -- March 26-27, 2008 at Intel Santa Clara (immediately following SELSE).

  • Second Meeting -- July (July 9--10 at Los Alamos National Labs)
  • Third Meeting -- September (exact date and location TBA; likely in Philadelphia, PA)

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