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Study also included focus groups on roadmapping and metrics. The study also included focus groups on roadmapping and metrics.

CCC Visioning Study on Cross-Layer Reliability

This website will be the central information and discussion hub for Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Visioning Study on cross-layer reliability: System-level, Cross-layer Cooperation to Achieve Predictable Systems from Unpredictable Components.

  • Study Proposal -- initial view of what the study is about and how it will be organized; see meetings and summaries below for evolving structure and vision.

  • Organizers -- Organizers and core working group (steering committee)

Special Session at DATE 2010

There will be a special session on Cross-Layer Reliability given by study participants at DATE 2010. Session descriptions and papers from this session are available here. The assembled papers serve as a preview of our in-progress final report.


  • First Meeting -- March 26-27, 2009 at Intel Santa Clara (immediately following SELSE).

  • Second Meeting -- July 8-9, 2009 in Los Alamos, NM (full-day on July 8, half-day on July 9)

  • Third Meeting -- October 29--30th at IBM in Austin, TX (full-day on October 29, half-day on October 30)

    • Summary available here.

    • Slides available on the program page.

    • Please contribute ideas for education programs for the final report here.

Focus Groups

A key component of the study was the identification of relevant challenges from various constituencies (consumer electronics, avionics, large-scale systems, life-critical systems, infrastructure).

The study also included focus groups on roadmapping and metrics.


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