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 * [[Workshops/First|First Workshop]] -- March 26-27 at Intel Santa Clara (immediately following [[http://www.selse.org/|SELSE]]).  * [[Workshops/First|First Workshop]] -- March 26-27, 2008 at Intel Santa Clara (immediately following [[http://www.selse.org/|SELSE]]).

CCC Visioning Study on Cross-Layer Reliability

This website will be the central information and discussion hub for Computing Community Consurtium (CCC) Visioning Study on cross-layer reliability: System-level, Cross-layer Cooperation to Achieve Predictable Systems from Unpredictable Components.

This page is a bare-bones placeholder for the next few weeks (until mid-January) as we take time to organize and setup the web site.

  • Study Proposal [ PDF ] -- for now, this is most of the details on what the study is about and how it will be organized.

  • People -- organizers and core working group (steering committee)


  • First Workshop -- March 26-27, 2008 at Intel Santa Clara (immediately following SELSE).

  • Second Workshop -- July (exact date and location TBA)
  • Third Workshop -- September (exact date and location TBA)

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